Methodology and Benefits

Our methodology and its benefits

Time and time again, it has been demonstrated that the optimal time for language learning lies in the first years of a child´s life. Language acquisition however, is a complex process, and while hearing the spoken language is important, experimenting with the new language in context, and engaging with others in the target language is paramount. For this reason, we employ a method that integrates everyday learning into each session with diverse activities designed to pique the interest of each child, stimulating and incorporating the five senses in a natural and spontaneous manner in order that learning be a natural and spontaneous process, all the while respecting the natural rhythm of each child. As in their native tongue, repetition and imitation are highly important, imitation of sounds and intuitive grammar and vocabulary make a learning English in this way a natural, fun and highly efficient process.

Additionally, we recognize the integral part that parents play in their child´s education and therefore encourage parents to follow our adventures through regular communication, at home activities and songs.


Play is often talked about
as if it were a relief from
serious learning,.
But for
children, play IS serious
—Fred Rogers