What we offer


In July 2015 My Two Hands: Creative Language Learning opened the doors of our new  ENGLISH IMMERSION CENTER in Santiago de Compostela. We are thrilled to be able to offer a completely outfitted, unique space in tune with our beliefs and necessities.

Operating as a nursery/play space in the mornings, children 2 to 6 will be integrated into an environment meant to reinforce good habits while fostering the autonomy and stimulating the creativity of each individual child always respecting developmental differences and rhythms. Centered upon the Montessori Method, a pedagogy characterized by investigation, experimentation, culture and respect for our environment, each child comprises a part of a community which includes his/her classmates, teachers and family. Incorporating both directed activity and free play, individual interests are reinforced, and movement and expression facilitate the acquisition of new concepts and information, making it easier for children to navigate the world that surrounds them.

While we operate as an English Immersion Center, we are careful to respect the bilingual/multilingual tendencies of each family. Our carefully chosen teachers understand and respect the importance of the child´s mother tongue and its natural development in creating an inclusive and comfortable environment in the center. For this reason, and with the hope that each child and family feels at home, we work to reinforce and incorporate new information in any language, allowing for communication to develop in a natural way and introducing English in an appropriate, rather than forced, manner.